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October 2012

Outstanding Action items from July


Curation update

Add summary here

Review "Post-preview" and "GeneDB decommissioning" criteria & progress

Current jira status: Open 161 Closed/Resolved? 808 (was 150/655 last meeting, July)

Next priorities

Host new dataset with curation tool annotations (2000? check annotations)

  • This is now on stage/dev with a few tickets which still need to be cleared to get the new data hosted

Dataset includes

  • All annotation from completed sessions curated in the curation tool
  • phenotype data with alleles
  • annotation extensions on GO data
  • manual human orthologs (final in next Chado load)

GeneDB decommissioning tasks

  • These are the next prioities for Mark
  • incentives for community curation, amazon voucher 'curator of the month'

Problems reported

Meetings Attended/ Upcoming

  • proposed Workshop for 2013 (International meeting) straw poll?
  • Proposed Pombase 1-2 hour workshop at CRUK, with 1-2 hour curation tool demo and or jamboree


  • Next meeting (doodle)