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  • Usage statistics, where can we view these?
  • Versioning, need somewhere where we can see which Ensembl and which Chado data version is currently displayed on dev and www
  • curation tool sub domain (Kim)
  • pombelist posting from Bioneer
  • OriDB

Tasks before Preview removed

Blast related

Advanced query related

Simple search related

Misc Data problems (wrong/missing data)

Tasks before GeneDB decommissioned

Ensembl related

Blast related

  • Blast results

Misc Data problems (wrong/missing data)

There may be a few other items but these seem fairly straight forward.

Things which are not crucial for preview removal, or GeneDB decommissioning but we would like to discuss , if time permits

Usability issues/ issues reported by users

Integration (Better integration between the Ensembl part of the site and the Gene pages) especially:

Lower priority so bump to next meeting ?

  • Re visit Online Meeting software
  • Amigo2 demo

Need to contact Chris and Seth to make sure stable URL for meeting

Notes:Amigo2 is generic and can support other ontologies To get the cool axial, drill down search/filtering working it involved the use of Solr indexes? which need to be built but Chris says it should be relatively straightforward to implement. This should fulfill our requirements which are not met by other available tools (i.e the ability to provide links to gene product at different levels of the heirarchy). It also handles x-products..... I'll put this for discussion, demo at a future planning meeting. (Quickgo issues include different gene product names and IDs only protein not representing all annotation how are term names displayed and accessed update frequency )