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Completed action items

Outstanding Action items from May

  • Ask Henning Hermjakob about possibility of OLS as webservice to attach annotations to, we will have the next planning meeting at Hinxton and see if Henning can join us for a while.
    • AI EBI to contact Conrad (Arnaud has looked into this and we could potentially load these as a BAM file). (tranfer this to jira item)
    • AI EBI to action selenium testing and check server is sufficiently powered
    • AI Mark/Dan? Difficult to link back to genomic regions with output provided
      • Mark will provide some examples for the next meeting
    • AI EBI Linking between browser and gene page
      • provide a "button" to link to Ensembl from Gene pages and vice versa
      • reduce number of linked up/downstream genes
      • place link to Ensembl browser underneath the gene list (NOTE, THIS IS STILL NOT CLEAR BUT WILL PROBABLY BE DISCUSSED IN FEEDBACK FROM USER TESTING?)
    • AI Currently PK is looking into the interaction between ES and and PomBase. ( Re Long term will *everything* still need to go through External Services?)
    • Explain differences in GO totals (later)


  • Hosting data on tracks (e.g Buck example) .... what is the plan for hosting these types of datasets? Was there an action item here?
  • Browser feedback from the EMBO course and any pending browser overhaul
  • Item from Mark determine the functionality of the dev site going forward.
  • Curating strain data (jurg wants to discuss)
  • Idle small talk, e.g. the recent misery of the weather

Curation update (Val)

Review "Post-preview" and "GeneDB decommissioning" criteria & progress

Next priorities

Host new dataset with curation tool annotations (2000)

Handle annotation extensions

Host a couple of HTP datasets

GeneDB decommissioning tasks

Discuss items required for GeneDB decommissioning

Other jira items

Current jira status:

  • Open 150 Closed 655 (was 125/577 last meeting)

Usability issues/ issues reported by users (anyone? any not covered above?)

Meetings Attended/ Upcoming

  • proposed Workshop for 2103 (International meeting) straw poll?
  • Proposed Pombase 1-2 hour workshop at CRUK, with 1-2 hour curation tool demo and or jamboree


  • Next meeting (doodle)

Lower priority /Future


Browsing Ontologies

  • AmiGO2 demo
    • Need to contact Chris and Seth to make sure stable URL for meeting