Action items from Nov meeting

AI Paul- Action Mark McDowall to prioritise front page mock-ups and static content so we can start to provide feedback

AI Kim - Process full Chado load on return in Jan

AI Val-Discuss phenotype model with Jurg

AI All

Proposed Timelines Beta release running in parallel to GeneDB 1st April "PomBase" launch at fission yeast in international meeting in Boston 27-30 June 2011

AI Jurg Ask Daniel about possibility of releasing variation data pre-publication

Agenda for meeting 10th Jan

Agenda items for next meeting Jan (which will be face to face)

  1. Review action items from Nov
  1. Paul demo S4

gene based approach search interface, in development by Ensembl

  1. Val/Kim? Demo "curation tool"
  1. Discussion DAS server option
  1. Specific plans for curation group for next month
  1. Specific plans for Ensembl for next month
  1. Appointments

Update on number of applicants/ suitability/ arrange possible time slot for interviews

  1. Date for next meeting
  1. AOB
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