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  • Review of action items
  • Curation tool, progress
  • Chado loading
  • Phenotype modelling, progress (see previuos e-mail)
  • New curator positions
  • AOB


Val Continue investigating phenotype ontology options, (I might try to get a basic formal ontology generated from the existing terms soonish so we can test it in the curation tool).

Val Make draft advertisments and job advertisments for curator positions

Hayley Arrange Doodle poll for next meeting for early to mid-November. If we meet in person in Cambridge for this one we should be at a point where we can demonstrate the "fledgling" curation tool. For this reason probably early morning or late afternoon time slots will probably work best for Jurg?

Also, Kim and I will meet with Paul on Thursday to discuss minimal functionality. I will report back on this.