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Action items from last meeting

  1. Val- Continue investigating phenotype ontology options, (I might try to

get a basic formal ontology generated from the existing terms soonish so we can test it in the curation tool). (I haven't had time to make any progress on this, hopefully will get back onto it in late November)

  1. Val- Make draft advertisments and job advertisments for curator positions

(jobs are almost ready to post for CU & UCL)

  1. Kim and I will meet with Paul on Thursday to discuss minimal

functionality. I will report back on this.

This is a summary of the technical meeting with Paul & Co. on 7 Oct

-EBI Setting up Drupal as a content management system -EBI and Val Migrating static web content (Val has sent a list of static page content to Mark)

  • Addressing Val and Kim minor Concerns with flexbility for representing

data in a "Model organism format" (i.e a gene page) what is the timescale for Ensembl to add any new datatypes required (for example storing complete GO annotation, and representing GO data attached to gene)

  • Ensembl group are investigating possible solutions for making the update

cycle for curated content independent of Ensembl genomes(need weekly, and preferably daily updates for curated data)

  • Mark Mcdowell will organise "front page" mock ups


PomBase? meeting 3 12 Nov 2010 present- Steve, Val, Paul, Jurg apologies- Hayley, Kim

  • Discussion which did not result in specific action item:

Appointments Job Ads for Biocurator positions released today Try to arrange joint interviews for curator positions at one or both sites (UCL & Cambridge)

  • Action items
    • AI Paul Action Mark McDowall to prioritise front page mockups and static content so we can start to provide feedback
    • AI Hayley Arrange doodle poll for next meeting, as in person early morning or late afternoon is best. Week starting Mon 9th Jan
    • AI Kim Make full Chado load on return in Jan
    • AI Val Discuss phenotype model with Jurg (Jurg maybe we can do this during WT meeting in Dec)
    • AI All Proposed Timelines
      • Beta release running in parallel to GeneDB 1st April "PomBase" launch at fission yeast in international meeting in Boston 27-30 June 2011
    • AI Jurg Ask Daniel about possibility of releasing variation data pre-publication
  • Agenda items for next meeting (which will be face to face)
    • Paul demo S4 gene based approach search interface, in development by Ensembl
    • Val/Kim? Demo "curation tool"
    • Specific plans for curation group for next month
    • Specific plans for Ensembl for next month
    • Date for next meeting
    • AOB