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Planning Meeting Mon 18th April 2011 - Minutes

Agenda for this meeting

1. Review of action items

Old in progress ongoing action items, not discussed, to review at next meeting

  • Kim is working on the curation tool release priorities. Val will do a demo at the Gene Ontology consortium meeting (priorities include changes to the workflow, and other identified priorities on the curation tool tracker here: SourceForge PomBase Curation Tool tracker
  • Val to arrange curator training at Cambridge (July, room organised)
  • NAR Database August 15th deadline (1-2 weeks flexible).
  • Val Finish tidying data for migration (in progress)
  • Midori and I will scope out a proposal for the phenotype model
  • Val circulate list of ideas for curation tool name

Old in progress ongoing items, not discussed, moved to trackers

2. New and revisited action items


All the necessary trackers are in place and in use ...


  • Target for the Beta release is now Mid-May, running in parallel to GeneDB
    • We will have Beta site content ready to demo at the International meeting, even if the full release is not ready. Current work should centre on:
      • Getting the majority of the curated data onto the Gene Pages
        • AI Prioritise curation datatypes for inclusion
          • AI Kim to arrange next Cambridge visit by Mark to prioritise curation types for beta inclusion
            • AI After meeting with Mark, arrange weekly pre release website overview meeting (possible Friday morning 9-10)
      • Making necessary changes to website identified as "required for Beta release" (See below)
        • AI Dan to set up Jira "Pombase website" specific tracker
          • AI Val to move outstanding requests to tracker
          • AI Val and Midori to review current site and request other changes classifying by:
            • required for beta release
            • required for main release
            • required with high priority after release
            • required with medium priority after releas
            • required with low priority after release (or equivalent)
      • Low Priority, most people aren't keen on the current colour scheme, Val will try to do a few mock-ups with different colour

Suggestion from Kim, we should call the "beta" release "preview" (Even have a separate URL:

Variation data

  • Daniel Jeffares to send sample variation data to Dan Staines (desirable but not essential for PomBase release)
    • AI Val to follow up
    • AI Dan S. will try to make this available in parallel to the essential beta release features

Pombe International meeting

  • AI Val Midori and Mark should try to finalise the abstracts for Pombe 2011 June 27-30 when we next meet up in Cambridge. 3 poster abstracts and posters:
    • Val/Midori? community curation
    • Midori phenotype ontology and phenotype curation
    • Mark "PomBase" as "un-techy" as possible; try to show some of the displays/features
    • Val will also try to arrange talk/demo/workshop but will probably be selected for a workshop talk from the abstracts


  • Pombeclub 10 May Val presenting, will give a project overview:
    • using ontologies for curation and the new phenotype ontology
    • community curation
    • new website overview (need screenshots) AI, Val, Midori, Kim, Mark attending

Agenda for this meeting

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