PomBase Planning Meeting 22 August 2013

Cambridge - Meeting Room B, Sanger Building

Present: Steve, Paul, Mark, Midori, Val, Antonia
Remote: Kim & Jurg

Displaying reciprocal biogrid interaction data

Kim believes this should be done as part of loading into ensemble stage and does not want to do the reciprocality in chado. Paul would prefer it to be done in chado. Val thinks our biogrid exchange will go smoother if it is not done in chado. We agreed to do it post-chado. New AI for Mark to sort this.


Mark wants us to wait with going live with the survey until he’s back

New AIs

  • AI: send instructions to Val about how to submit data to ftp site? (Mark)
  • AI: Sort out display of reciprocal interactions, this should be done post-chado (as part of loading into ensembl), at the moment they are just mirrored (?) so take care with assymetrical ones (Mark)
  • AI: find examples for phenotype graph relations missing (Val)
  • AI: do next step for SRA studies (Val)
  • AI: Discussion about grant, Preproposal deadline 2 Dec, arrange meeting with WT
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