AI Val or Mark contact Paco

AI check Wilhelm track descriptions are OK

Update procedures progress

  • selenium tests now set up
  • all steps are documented

-make file not complete

AI EBI set up dummy confluence

AI Mark to draft and circulate an outline of NAR paper contents before the next planning meeting

AI Ensembl will make annotations propogate over regulates for biological process (follow up: we will need to remove associated text for doing both queries from the Query builder, and update the FAQs)

AI Paul will ensure that that the Ensembl browser developers get the PomBase? suggestions before the browser overhaul

AI Everyone - make sure the carried forward action items are updated and the relevent people chased up before the next meeting (carried forward action items are below)

Action items carried forward from previous meeting:

AI: Circulate Wilhelm and Marguerat data to Jurg, Sam and Brian for feedback, are all tracks useful? Sam’s data: this is only bigwigs, would bam be useful? Still need track descriptions(Mark/curators) AI: Speak to Eugene to group tracks (aka track hub) (Mark) (Q is there an Ensembl jira ticket for this?) AI: Multiple alignments from Compara Check that i) gap squashing and or ii) dynamic alignment generation for subsets of protein in progress (EG, Q check is there a jira ticket for this)

AI: (speed issues) Check progress of trackhub for PomBase? (EG) (jira ticket?) AI: Revisit Jira tickets for zoom options (should be possible to configure independently) (Mark/ Ensembl) ​ AI: Look into making consistent browser track descriptions for different types of transcriptome data (existing jira ticket, transfer to Ensembl?) - Bam file display ​ AI. For the “omitted” text in the full alignment view for trancriptome data , change this to “not displayed” and stick at the front. The omitted refers to transcripts (in this case) that are not shown. ​ AI: report onto perl bug synonym type not included (who?) - Reported to Ensembl for fixing.

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