Finding PomBase? from the EBI website

  • AI The "funding" header will be removed from the EG fission yeast site so that it doeas not seem that "pomBase" is the funder (EG)

PomBase? is now retrieved via an EBI "PomBase? " search (EG)


  • gff file names will change for PomBase?
    • AI Curators: Need to decide how these files should be names, and check files output to ftp site (EG)

EMBL files

  • GO and FYPO now removed from EBML files

Update pipeline

  • Now takes a couple of days to run start to finish

Display of strain variants

  • In progress, see outstanding jira tickets

Handling chromosomal long range interaction data

  • Will wait to see if others request this

Web Stats

  • Waiting for external services to remove robots from usage stats

Next priority jira tickets

  • Went through "future" and cleared. Closed 13 out o f date tickets
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