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Carried Frorward Action items

  • AI Mark will remove the yellow box from here:

(I think the other AI item was resolved by removing the label "funding" from this yellow box on the EG site)

Discussed & New Action items

Pombe 2015

We have 5 posters, 2 talks and a 75 minute workshop

  • AI Pombe 2015 Me, Mark, Antonia and Midori will meet on Tues 9th to run through the talks and workshop

Pombase MySQL server

We won't do this but the EG SQL dumps will be made available

Making "review versions" of Canto session available

Decided this might put people off curating....

Display of wild strains.

Mark will circulate example data soon. Process seems to be relatively streamlined.

  • AI. Once this works Midori should add a link to our submit data-types:


Postponed, still need to revisit

Hosting HTP datasets

  • AI Mark check what the situation is with the Carr and Runge data (should

be open helpdesk tickets for both)

Web Stats

  • AI Mark will see if it is possible to mine .com and PomBase? accesses for Steve for Impact factors

(I had a question here, is it possible also to get a list of the most frequently accessed pages? I forgot to ask)

Multi gene phenotypes

  • AI Curators discuss how the query builder should behave and open ticket