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Guidelines for pre-composed vs. post-composed GO terms

Case:process affecting specific gene product

These will always be post-composed.

Case: component X during phase Y

These will always be post-composed.

Case: localization of X

  • pre-compose if X is a protein complex
  • post-compose if X is a gene product

Case: process X during Y extension vs. pre-composed process

GO now tries to avoid using "during" in term names*; they use "X involved in Y" or "A by B" wordings.

So if we have enough data to define and use a "process X involved in process Y" term, request the pre-composed term. Otherwise (if we only know that X happens at the same time as Y), annotate to the process X term with an annotation extension using "during" (i.e. happens_during or exists_during)

*reason: "during" only says that things happen at the same time, not whether one is part of the other, so it's not very informative. Happening at the same time could be a coincidence.