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From Oliver:) or a machine with MySql?

cat generate_complexes.sql | mysql -A -u go_select -P 4085 --password=amigo go_latest >GO_complexes


generate_complexes.sql is: SELECT t.acc,, gene_product.symbol, gene_product.full_name, evidence.code, dbxref.xref_dbname FROM term AS cc INNER JOIN graph_path AS tcl ON = tcl.term1_id INNER JOIN graph_path AS acl ON tcl.term2_id = acl.term1_id INNER JOIN term AS t ON INNER JOIN association ON association.term_id = acl.term2_id INNER JOIN gene_product ON association.gene_product_id = INNER JOIN species ON gene_product.species_id = INNER JOIN evidence ON evidence.association_id = INNER JOIN dbxref ON = gene_product.dbxref_id WHERE species.genus = 'Schizosaccharomyces' AND species.species = 'pombe' AND'macromolecular complex';