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Protein feature annotation

  • Protein features are currently annotated in Artemis. They will be added to Canto in the future.
  • Syntax /controlled_curation="term=protein sequence feature, cleavage site; residue=K65-T66; db_xref=PMID:8314086; date=20120222"

Feature type

  • cleavage site
  • coiled-coil
  • copper binding region
  • DDB-box
  • destruction box
  • ER retention signal
  • KEN box
  • mitochondrial signal sequence
  • N-terminal signal anchor
  • N-terminal signal sequence
  • NES
  • NLS
  • PIP box
  • repeat containing
  • transmembrane helices
  • transmembrane helix
  • vacuolar sorting signal

If you wish to annotate a feature which is not in this list you need to identify the SO protein feature ID and supply a mapping to (where? this might be part of the chado loader, so probably to Kim)