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    22I have folders of notes and e-mails related to regulation. Will try to organise it here:
     3(Not find older regulation document)
    45 * GO definition "Any process that modulates a measurable attribute of any biological process, quality or function."
    56  * Is this adequate? What is the definition of modulates? Is it clear that the rate change needs to be *controllable* ?
     7  * Q what is a measureable attribute (frequency, rate or extent?)
     9 = Principles =
     11 *  To annotate regulation, the gene product must be involved in alteration of the *rate* od a process *in normal cells*
     12   * i.e. a mutant changing the rate of a process occurance alone does not consitute regulation
     14 * regulation can be upstream or within a process or pathway
     15   * Whether something is upstream regulation depends on where the start of the pathway is defined
     16   *
     18 = Questions =
     20 * Is regulation of an activity subtly different from "regulation of a process" and if so, how are they related?
     22 * Are there any "regulation of" which are not annotated to signal transduction? if not could they be, and if still not, what are they?
     24 * Regulation within a process  always involves altering a specific gene product enzyme/activity in a pathway.
     25   * How can this be achieved?
     26     * Allostery
     27     * How does regulation of localisation fit in? Is the entity which does the localising necessarily  the regulator? does the actual regulation happen upstream?  which gene in the localizationpathway are the regulator(s)? all of them?
     30 = Things to look at =
     32 * The GO slim number s between involved in and regulates are getting very close…assess differences
     34 * Cytokinesis examples
     35 * Recombination examples
     36    * ccq1 and pos1 protect telomeres from recombination
     37    * Q Is this really regulation of recombination, or the downstream effect of capping?