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22 April 2013

General issues:

  • ISB/ GO meeting (GMOD (canto/ chado), curation rules (function prediction people)
  • next PomBase? build

Individual Updates & Priorities

  • Val priorities: cell cycle report and related annotation updates, import of deletion project morphology phenotypes (~5000 annotations), curation session approval, curation, off work 2 weeks, tidy wiki, curation tool video (Val will look at S/ware and or contact Gulietta), more consistency rules, community curation launch preparation

  • Midori (FYPO, queries for Val, now in progress, Documentation)
  • Antonia (RT, more curation)
  • Kim (Community curation release items )
    • V 35 build, is ready for curators for checking
  • Mark (version 34 tickets, will check open RT tickets)
    • many outstanding issues related to ftp site and file download, mark is still working on this pipeline
  • V34 will be hopefully be live for 29th
  • Sam's data, seems to be some discrepancy in the amount of data but should be between 2-4 annotations per gene?