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Canto implementation details


There are two parts to the system.

"Track" run is the part that the administrator uses to add people, publications and curation sessions to the database. In the web interface this is access using the Admin link in the top right of the page.

"Curs" handles the user curation sessions.

Track - user, publication and session tracking

Database storage

SQLite for main database

Curs - curation sessions

Each curation session has a corresponding SQLite database.


Canto is written in Perl, implemented using the Catalyst framework and running on a Plack server.

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Developing Canto

Running tests

The environment needs to be initialised with perl Makefile.PL. This command creates the Makefile and only needs to be run once.

In general the tests can be run with: make test in the main canto directory. If the schema or test genes or ontologies are is changed the test data will need to be re-initialised.

Helper scripts

Scripts to help developers:

Initialising test data

Run the following commands in the canto directory to create the test database and to populate it with test data:


That will need to be done each time the schemas or test data change.

To create a local test instance of Canto, run

Running the test instance

The server can be run from the top level directory with this command:

CANTO_CONFIG_LOCAL_SUFFIX=local PERL5LIB=lib ./script/ -p 5000 -r -d