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Curating Gene Expression

The RNA level and protein level annotation options allow you to annotate descriptions that will appear in the "Qualitative gene expression" section of PomBase gene pages. (Quantitative gene expression curation will be added to Canto in the future; in the meantime, data for large gene sets can be submitted to PomBase in bulk.)

First, select a description from the pull-down menu:

Gene expression description selection

Select evidence in the next pulldown.

Note: The options are fixed for both descriptions and evidence; contact the curators if you think anything is missing from the options.

Annotation extensions

You can add annotation extensions to specify when the description of the level applies. Use "during" to select a GO term for a cell cycle stage or cellular response. The "in presence of" option lets you choose a ChEBI term for a chemical substance. For either, type in the text box and then select one of the autocomplete options.

Edit: If you want to make changes to an annotation you have made, use the "Edit" link next to the annotation in the table. In the pop-up edit the appropriate fields, then click "OK".

Gene expression editing pop-up

Delete: The "Delete" link will ask you to confirm that you want to remove an annotation, and then delete it.

Copy and edit: The "Copy and edit" link in the table on a gene page allows you to make another annotation to the same gene. The interface works the same way as for editing an annotation, except that a new annotation is created, and the old annotation is retained without changes.

On the paper summary page, the "Copy and edit" link adds one more feature: the annotation can be transferred, with or without other changes, to any other gene in the gene list, by changing the top pulldown.

The "quick add" links available in advanced mode open the editing pop-up without any data entered or selected.